NFC, QR code and text message

A stupid thing you have never used before and never will either

Have you ever even noticed this?

Do you know what a QR code is or how it works?

How often do you text a number nowadays to get some information back?

Does your (mobile) device have NFC and is it enabled to work for things other than payments perhaps?

Have you ever noticed these things on the trains?

I’m not talking about the Pure Green Tea advert.

A great example of terrible design thinking
Instead of having a simple URL on the advert or encouraging passers by to take a picture of the advert, people are encouraged to interact with it through various, obscure means.

I’m talking about the stuff right below it.

I’m talking about these things.

Only at the point of writing this post did I actually realise that these horrible, messy things are related to the advert above it.

These are supposed to be ‘shortcuts’ to engaging with the poster to access the advert’s ‘end point’ shall we say.

NFC, QR code and Text to get information
Majority of people do not understand any of these methods of engagement, what they are, why they are there, etc. Further, they are not in the right context to want to engage with them even if they did understand how it all worked.

But creators of these things have overlooked everything there was to overlook about the nature of interaction design.

I wonder how much money has been sunk over the years into making these things, putting them into place, maintaining the system, all for the outcome of nobody ever engaging with them.

A total and utter waste of money and Earth’s resources.

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