Adobe Comet navigation

Adobe site navigation, nothing to be proud of

Adobe are keen on putting forward the ‘Experience Design’ angle to their marketing fluff these days.

It’s the Experience Design of the surface only, visual kind they are thinking about of course.

So we browsed through their web site a little to see what the hype was all about.

We were greeted with something that seemed quite clean and OK at first sight.

Nothing to write home about, but not too bad either.

Adobe Comet web site
Main Adobe Comet web site.

Then we clicked on the ‘Menu’ option in their navigation and were presented with this abomination!

Browser tab was immediately closed due to choice paralysis and general immense sense of feeling lost.

Happy days continuing our Sketch designs!

Adobe Comet navigation
Adobe Comet navigation bar looks like some sort of a Boeing dashboard.

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