BMW concept future car makes no UX sense

You’ve likely come across many ‘amazing’ concept designs.

Especially concept car designs.

They look futuristic and interesting to the uninitiated eye.

I’ve wanted to dissect these designs for a long time.

I wanted to offer some insight as to how they actually make little sense from real life point of view.

One of the issues with the concept designs is that they seem to have been done by visual designers, rather than consulted with by UX and other functional designers.

So here’s a look at one BMW concept design and what I think of it.

One of the issues with ‘future concepts’ is also that it’s usually unclear whether we are talking short, medium or long term future.

But BMW have been kind enough to state here what the future will be like for the next 100 years!

How do the wheels actually turn. In next 100 years we are also unlikely to need wheels on the cars in the first place.


Photo-2016-03-08-19-08-35_Affordance - 6
This seems like pointless decoration which serves no practical purpose. If it is just for the visual purpose, I personally think it’s really ugly.


Photo-2016-03-08-19-08-32_Affordance - 2
Coffee is a really popular beverage. Especially when you are driving. Especially when you are in an autonomous vehicle. Where do we put our cups though?


Photo-2016-03-08-19-08-32_Affordance - 3
We are told everywhere that autonomous vehicles are round the corner from here. Maybe 5 years away en masse. So why do our seats still have to point forward? Can we not have beds in there or just chat to other passengers instead of looking at the boring, straight road ahead?


Photo-2016-03-08-19-08-33_Affordance - 4
I’m sad to see that cycling hasn’t changed much in 100 years, but I wonder why one would need to drive at all manually in future? I also wonder how this man gets to indicate on this steering wheel for example? Is it all voice commands or some other magic solution?


Photo-2016-03-08-19-08-34_Affordance - 5
Inconsistency in design can be a big plague. However this seems like a pretty major hack. In previous shots we don’t see any handles on the door, but here they magically appeared. So designers seemed to have worked out that door need opening internally somehow. But here, for some reason, voice commands are not so relevant anymore?

So overall, this concept car is at the very least an example of poor design, as it dismissed the very basic considerations of the future context.

It’s also inconsistent and in many respects just outright ugly, which isn’t unusual considering the underpinning design is … just broken.

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