Checkout machine

Co-Operative’s money eating monster

This monstrocity of a machine is a checkout at a pretty new and trendy looking Co-Operative in Central London.

It took me over a minute to work out where I need to put the cash to pay for my purchase.

I kept looking around for that place and increasingly got more and more agitated.

The store was almost empty, so there was no pressure behind me from busy people queuing and perhaps getting agitated.

I simply got so confused with where to put the cash I had to ask the lady next to me.

She replied with: ‘I think it only takes cards.’, even though machine was saying via speakers: ‘Insert card or cash to pay.’

The machine has a wider span than most other checkout machines I have encountered so far.

The screen interface is better than most other checkout machines, but hardware is confusing beyond belief.

Here are the input areas I considered to use.

Note that the input highlighted as ‘1’ didn’t initially have the bill coming out of it, so I naturally assumed that’s where the cash bills go.

I tried, but it failed.

After 3 more tries I eventually honed in onto the real place where cash notes were to be placed (I had £10 note to use).

Once I put my money in there, the metal flap closed almost squeezing my finger in the process.

The change came out through the bottom hole marked as ‘4’ on the picture, so it required almost a complete bending down to get all the change.

Of course the machine asked me how many bags I chose to use, even though considering I was buying just a packet of chewing gums it is safe to assume I didn’t need any bags for it.

The card payment reader looked and felt like it was simply put on top of the whole thing and I wasn’t even sure if it was just left their by one of the staff members.

This is a very modern, recently installed checkout machine, so it is a recent design.

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