Dison AirBlade

Dyson Air Blade – too much noise about nothing

Dyson is one of the darlings of UK design.

Using Air Blade hand drier is always an interesting experience for me.

Apart from it being one of the loudest hand driers of all, it has recently been shown as not so good for general hygiene either.

Reason for this is the fact that a lot of residual water, bits of dirt and bacteria ‘sit’ at the bottom of this device.

Every time the device is used, these are blown around the room and more importantly they are blown onto your hands.

So a device which is ultimately designed to clean your hands quicker is something that increases your health risks.

Not only does it potentially damage your hearing, but it might give you a nasty infection too.

Please take a notice of what Dyson Air Blades look like in public toilets also.

Further interesting observation is the fact that the device has a printed manual on its front panel.

This is because for people who have never used it, there isn’t enough affordance for them to know how to actually use it.

Dyson Air Blade is a device that in my opinion fails at every design test I can think of.

Maybe this is because it was trying to solve a wrong problem in the first place, which is to try and shorten the amount of time it takes to dry hands after washing them.

Is this really a problem worth loosing my hearing over and contracting a nasty infection over?

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