Chromecasting mess

Friction of Chromecasting YouTube videos

YouTube watch later
YouTube ‘Watch Later’ lacks affordance as there is nothing to indicate this option sits behind the video timer data.

Regular YouTube viewers get the ‘Watch Later’ option which is ‘neatly’ hidden behind the video timer.

You kind of discover it by chance when you want to select next video to play.

Fair enough.

Once Chromecast mode is entered, YouTube video cards change their appearance into a complete mess.

Chromecasting mess
Mess of options for Chromecasting YouTube videos.

This is arguably one of the most annoying features on YouTube.

It is probably the biggest set of inconsistencies in software UI on the smallest amount of screen estate ever.

Now for some reason the user no longer has the option to choose ‘Watch Later’.

Instead they are presented with a hotchpotch of functions, presented in a completely inconsistent manner.

The ‘Not interested’ is hidden behind bottom set of three dots.

This functionality ought to (at least) be presented instead of the three dots, so it’s more immediate to remove videos from various lists.

Then top three dots give options which are similar to the + function on the main video, but for some reason they don’t sit under the bottom three dots.

‘Play now’ is invokable by simply pressing the video thumbnail and ‘Play next’ is very similar to the main + function, which adds the video to the queue on Chromecast.

This utter mess of design makes YouTube (and Google) look like some amateur company that really doesn’t care about its users at all.

This has been there for years now and nobody at Google seems to care about it.

Utter disgrace!

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