Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a military tone of voice

When Google Analytics installs an auto-update it tells their users about it.

But it tells it in such a military tone, that the sameĀ user ends up feeling intimidated by the whole announcement.

In practice, Google Analytics is a heavy tool to use for most people who haven’t had a degree in statistics.

There are many options to choose from and the tool was never developed in a User Centered manner.

So the ‘Understood’ command-like tone above is something that only makes users feel inferior and even more intimidated.

Google Analytics is a tool that should have received a major UX oriented remake a long time ago.

It has been changed a number of times, but not in a proper UX way.

This update was the one that finally caused us to write about it all due to this failure of simple micro interaction.

This kind of a non User Centered approach to introducing new features shows us that Google’s team working on this ultimately don’t care about the product nor the user.

It’s a great shame, as Google can make great products and Analytics is one of the more shameful aspects of their product suite.

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