How to use chopsticks

I can’t claim to be a frequent user of chopsticks.

It’s a well known fact that they have a massive negative impact to environment as they waste enormous amounts of wood, which is simply thrown away after chopsticks are used.

It is interesting to observe that some chopsticks have a small piece of wood at the end of the back side of chopsticks.

One is supposed to break it off to use it as a small ‘stand’ for chopsticks when putting them on the table, so that chopsticks don’t stain the table.

This image was recently shared on my social media and the commenters (many of whom are big foodies and UX Designers) had a massive ‘Aha!’ moment seeing this photo.

The lack of affordance in this design is immense.

To perceive the little piece that you chip off as a ‘stand’ is very illogical for an average human being.

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