Outdoors table tennis table

Incomplete design causes lack of use of product

Here’s an example where a Local Authority has been kind enough to install a table tennis table for free public use.

Very nice idea.

But nobody uses the table, even though it has a net on it and it’s ready to be used.

Why might that be?

Consider a slightly wider context here.

Table tennis is a game usually played indoors with a very light ball.

In UK, 95%+ of the time the weather is either windy or extremely windy.

In windy weather playing table tennis is either impossible or just not as fun as it could be.

So people understand this and choose not to play.

Since this installation’s design hasn’t taken wind factor into account, it has rendered the entire good intention behind it useless.

Overall outcome is that public funds have been wasted on something that just isn’t used at all.

Very sad and very wasteful!

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