Instagram's new logo

Instagram rebrand is a pointless exercise

News reached our beloved inbox telling us that ‘Instagram has a new look’.

This was exciting enough to get our emotions up.

Instagram is a service that doesn’t get updates that frequently.

It is kind of ‘finished’ in respect to how it works, unlike most software, which requires regular updates.

So we were excited to learn Instagram has changed something.

However, to our amazement, we were presented with this new abomination of a logo.

That’s about the only change that was made and it certainly doesn’t equal ‘a new look’ of any kind.

The logo brings in gradients, which designers have diligently worked on burying in the last few years as those gradients don’t serve any real purpose.

The new logo looks just … bland and random.

There’s no real story behind it and it is a pointless change from the end user’s perspective, which has only caused us to ‘hunt around’ for Instagram app on our homescreen.

Internally, Instagram hasn’t changed at all along with this update.

It has changed it’s in app look by going flatter in look, but that was weeks ago, which wasn’t announced in emails.

So overall, something has gone our of sync with Instagram.

They have created a ‘brand affordance gap’ now, which may be due to broader upcoming changes to the service, but this wasn’t communicated, so we are just … confused.

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s interesting to observe that the concept of affordance can apply to branding of products too and the associated perception as to why it has been done that way.

There was a disjoin for the users in terms of how and why this change has been communicated, which has also likely caused additional dislike from the community.

The paradoxical aspect of all of this is that Instagram claim that they have changed the logo to reflect the nature of their community.

Instagram, get your game together again please!

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