Jenga tower

Jenga’s world of missed opportunities?

I observed my children play with Jenga many times over.

They quite like the game, but rarely play it as intended.

There is something intrinsically mesmerising about wooden blocks, which makes them feel very nice to build with.

Bunch of Jenga blocks I saw on my floor, which made me think about endless opportunities hidden within them.

The way in which my children prefer to play with Jenga is by simply building free-form structures out of these even blocks.

Over the years I have realised that many cool shapes can be built with these.

A quick construction I made with Jenga blocks. Children like to build these too, but it’s not what Jenga makers encourage or see as an opportunity to expand their business with.

In many respects it’s much more fun than building with LEGO.

It has a different, more architectural and natural feel to it and it is more immediate to build with these.

Jenga structures also require more appreciation for gravity and making things ‘balance out’ naturally.

I can’t help but think that if Jenga makers expanded their story to encourage this type of play, it would really help them grow Jenga into a bigger idea.

It just feels like they are missing out on a huge world of opportunities.

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