Broken LinkedIn invitation message

LinkedIn iOS app killing the conversation

We all quite like LinkedIn as our professional social network of choice.

Their most recent iOS app update was a significant UX improvement to what they had previously.

This nice UX means that any design oversights within the app are more visible than before.

It’s all to do with relative perception from end user’s point of view.

Broken things stand out more in nicely designed solutions.

Here’s an example that drives me crazy when I use LinkedIn now via the iOS app.

When someone new invites me to connect with them, they are able to send me a custom message along with the invitation.

That custom message will typically contain some cool information about the person and reasons why they decided to connect.

However, this is what LinkedIn displays to me in the iOS app.

Unable to access a message
Invitation message cut off by design of the LinkedIn iOS cards. There is no way of getting to that message within the app.

So I cannot read the invitation message by default and there actually is no way to tap to reveal it to read it.

What is even worse is that these initial invitation messages don’t go into the Message Inbox, so they can only be accessed within the notification email LinkedIn sends quite some time after the person has requested to connect.

This under par design decision or simple oversight gives me grief every time I connect with someone on LinkedIn.

It’s not the best way to start a relationship with someone when I cannot read their initial message to me.

Such a simple matter, so much UX damage done.

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