Monster iron

Monstrocity of an ironing device

Huge, bulky and impractical device.

For some reason the task of ironing is something that doesn’t seem to have been ‘solved’ by designers as of yet.

So this terrible Morphy Richards iron seems to claim to have solved it by offering an integrated solution that provides both water vapour and ironing all in one.

The device is laden with various design issues, mostly related to ongoing use.

One of the most ridiculous aspects of this device is the screw it has at the bottom.

This screw closes a compartment which collects the limestone that is found in water, because apparently that limestone tends to go on clothes and can stain them.

The screw has the potential to blow out of the compartment due to pressure that builds up in it, unless it’s tightly enough screwed in.


Health hazard to maintain, with very hard to open nut hole at the bottom.

Each time the iron is used, this compartment has to be emptied.

The unscrew the screw one needs to have the strength of Hercules to do so, as it ends up being really tightly stuck in there.

A ‘key’ is provided to do it, but because the device is very big and uneven, it’s very tricky to unscrew it due to lack of balance of the device also.

Once you manage to unscrew the screw, it is also very tricky to take it out of the hole, as it is typically piping hot too.

This ‘exercise’ will drive you furious and your arms and hands will be hurting.

What a great start to kick off a task which people tend to hate anyway, even without first injuring their hands in the process!

This bulky nonsense should have never been made.

On top of all of this, the machine makes lots of noise in the process of ironing, which overpowers any conversation that might be happening during the ironing process, killing any social interactions between people in the household.

I’m gobsmacked such a stupidity has seen a light of the day and even more annoyed that it has managed to find its way into my household.

Disclaimer: I never bought the device myself.

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