App offers in Starbucks

Nice idea, but execution is broken

Our beloved Starbucks came onto my radar once again.

This time I look into a nice idea of theirs to offer their customers free apps to download.

This is done via vouchers, offered inside the stores while the customer is waiting for their coffee to be prepared.

This aspect of Starbucks only came to my attention yesterday even though I have been to many stores before.

That was a design issue in itself, but lets ignore it for now.

Yesterday I consciously realised that these vouchers were curated apps made available for download, so I wanted to check them out.

This seemingly simple business idea has unforeseen complexity associated with it and Starbucks haven’t dealt with it properly.

So I proceeded to redeem the first app and downloaded it for free even though it was £1.79 in the App Store.

Result, even though the app itself was a poor quality game.

It was the second one, however, that I was interested in.

So I looked for it and looked for it again and again and didn’t find it, as for some reason it was no longer available on the App Store.

So my initial excitement was met with final disappointment of not finding what was offered to me.

Starbucks seem not to be aware of the fact that relying on 3rd party partners in this way will create these ‘micro moments of disappointment’.

This aspect of the process needs more attention and better management.

All those wasted printed promotion cards for this app and they are all promoting … customer dissatisfaction.

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