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Non-specific warning messages

I love Pinterest.

Over the years of using it, I’ve accumulated over 2000 pins and over 1200 followers on there.

One increasingly annoying poor piece of UX is its non-specific warning message it often shows me.

Lots of pins are auto-suggested to me based on my browsing and pinning behaviour.


Lots of pins that I have previously pinned are also auto-suggested to me.

Not so great.

Some pins I sometimes want to pin to more than one board as they are relevant to more than one aspect of design I’m working on.

If I’ve already pinned a pin, Pinterest will warn me about it, but won’t be specific enough as to where I’ve pinned that pin before, which is something I cannot possibly remember myself, or work it out easily on Pinterest.

Here’s the example of the message.

Looks like you've already saved this Pin
Not as helpful a message as Pinterest could make it.

It would be much more useful to me if Pinterest told me which board I’ve pinned this pin to, so that I can make sure I’m not pinning it again to the same board, but I might want to pin it to another board too.

So, many times over I’ve been stopped from pinning something to avoid duplicating pins on my boards.

Furthermore, I think it would be a sensible thing for Pinterest to disable pinning of the same pin on the same board.

After all, why would someone want to do that?

PS: Only when writing this post I realised that ‘Saved this pin’ is a link to the board where I have saved this pin. I think the reason why I didn’t realise this is because the link is very similarly styled to the word ‘Pssst!’, so my mind has ignored it all this time. I just don’t understand why Pinterest doesn’t tell me up front where that pin has already been saved to.

PPS: It’s interesting also that Pinterest is about pinning things, but they are using the word ‘saved’ to describe it, which is another inconsistency of interaction design in this case, so maybe the reason why I’ve always ignored this link.

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