Cookie box

Not complying with standards stops product from selling

This box attracted my attention in the shop, so I decided to try the product.

Visual design? Pass!

However, once I reached the self-checkout, I couldn’t buy the product!

Pretty box
Pretty box got me to try out these sweets.

Some smart cookie (pun intended) decided to put two barcodes on the box, causing it not to be scannable.

I also tried to add the bar code number in manually, which I had to try twice, but that also failed.

So I had to go to another checkout to have an employee help me buy this.

They struggled also, but somehow managed to find the product in the system.

This is a great example where not following standards in design creates unnecessary complications for customers.

In this case it went as far as preventing the product from being sold, which is arguably the most radical mistake any product designed can make.

Double bar code
Double barcode prevents product from being sold.

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