Over technological solution to a simple problem

Sanitary bin
Overly engineered sanitary towel bin with unnecessary battery operated lid closing and opening mechanism.

Hygiene is an important factor in life.

Many people try to avoid touching objects which are potentially very dirty.

This bin is for sanitary towels, so not having to touch the lid is preferable.

However, for some reason the makers have decided to make a motion sensor that triggers the bin to open.

On the side of the bin there is a constantly flashing red light, indicating that is the area which needs to be waved over to open the bin.

That red light is constantly wasting the battery.

This overly technological solution means that what should otherwise be a simple object now requires batteries, changing the batteries, making sure there is a fall back solution for if the batteries are flat, etc.

It also means there are more things that can break inside.

Because of its use of batteries (or mains power) it means it is also more costly to run and potentially more dangerous to have in the building.

Notice that the fallback solution requires touching the bin, which completely defeats to point of designing it this way.

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