Parking payment machine

Paying for parking space will make you lose your mind

This is Greenwich Park in London.

Everyone who parks the car has to pay for the parking space.

Fair enough.

But in order to do so, they are exposed to having to interact with this abomination of a machine.

Parking payment machine
This abomination of design is incredibly tricky to use.

The fact that it is plastered with instructions on how to use it is already a sign that the overall design is very poor.

It is another example of a machine that is often used in a queue where other people watch you being ‘dumb’ while using the machine.

Those people standing behind you also might be running out of their parking space time, so they are likely to be extra anxious and lack patience.

The cognitive load this puts on an average driver is far too large.

For example notice that there are three consecutive points made about the pricing model alone:

’30p per 15 minutes. Maximum stay 4 hours. Minimum Credit Card Payment (many people use this) is ¬£2.40′.

If you imagine a mother with 2 children running around her trying to work this out while someone is rushing her to pay for her parking, you get the reality of the situation this machine is often used at.

Overall, this machine requires re-learning how to use it every time you have to use it and it tends to bring one’s blood to boil.

Drivers generally tend to hate paying for parking.

The bad experience here is made especially worse by the fact that the lack of clarity this machine presents means that drivers are often worried they will end up having to pay even more if they misuse the machine.

This machine drives us nuts every time we want to experience the wonderful Greenwich Park and it’s a great shame it doesn’t get replaced by something easier to use.

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