Dangerous road

Putting people in danger by design

Take a look at this newly refurbished portion of a road in London.

This is in an area not far away from Waterloo station.

Previously this road was one stretch of tarmac where cars, cyclists and buses would pass through.

Pedestrians crossing the road could look right first and then left to ensure that the road was clear to cross.

With this new design some bright sparks have decided to separate the cycling lanes into what feels like a separate road altogether.

So now the cyclists don’t realise that there is a separate secluded road for them, so majority of them don’t use it.

Instead most cyclists are still using the ‘other’ road which is now a two-lane car road, but that’s not so clear to the pedestrians crossing these two separate roads.

Having cross this now about 5-6 times, in half of the cases I had to correct myself as to which way I should have been looking.

In one case I lead to a near miss between myself and a cyclist.

So a redesign of a what was previously a perfectly normal road has turned into a death trap, waiting to yield an injury to pedestrian confused as to where they need to be looking when crossing.

The narrower road has now also created a continuous traffic jam between busses that block off the view for pedestrians and on coming cyclists who still use the wrong road due to lack of affordance for the cycle super highway road.

Overall, this is one of the worst pieces of road design I have ever seen.

One thought on “Putting people in danger by design

  1. Presumably there is additional signage and markings to improve this – it is very ditch style and separating cyclists totally is what you want

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