Wael Ghonim

Social media is broken

Wael Ghonim
Wael Ghonim’s TED talk about broken social media.

If you have ever felt social media making you anxious and ultimately unhappy, you are not alone.

Many people have tried to ‘kill’ themselves on Facebook, experienced a calmer life, but also realised that they were disconnected from their friends, so they came back onto Facebook.

Ever since my first experience of the Internet some time in 1996, I always felt that it was hard to truly engage people in subject matters.

Over decades the whole realm of UX Design has developed to try and deal with this, but arguably we are still just beginning to understand what proper collaboration tools are all about.

Personally I went as far as doing a Master’s Degree thesis on ‘Managing Virtual Teams in Completely Virtual Environments’ in 2003.

One of the main conclusions I drew within the thesis was that effective virtual collaboration was more than possible, but it requires decent regulations to ensure communication runs in the creative direction.

It seems I’m not alone in that thinking and not the only person who is unhappy with the way social media is ‘orchestrated’ today.

Here’s what Wael Ghonim thinks about it.

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