Folding over logos

Starbucks, serving you careless brand experience

Starbucks customers swear by their belowed Green Queen brand.

But designers there seem not to care as much.

Here are some examples of how that is so.

Folding over logos of Starbucks
Logo on top of a logo on a typically served cup of Starbucks. This just doesn’t work so well and ruins the brand look in this case.
Folding over choices
Tick boxes for choices appear on both the cup and the insulator, which in turn covers original choice indicated by the order taker. Nobody thought this process through thoroughly enough.

Did anyone at Starbucks ever even consider these aspect of brand experience?

I don’t think so.

There are many more brand experience issues that can be picked up at Starbucks.

I thought I start you off on your thinking journey with these two simple observations.

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