Amazon charging lots for delivery

The most annoying aspect of Amazon

I suppose most people love Amazon because it has wide choice of goods at competitive prices.

Most of the time however I find myself in a very annoying situation with Amazon.

That situation is that delivery often costs ~30% of the overall basket value.

Amazon charging lots for delivery
Is it really worth paying so much for delivery for this size of the basket?

In this situation I simply decide that the whole basket isn’t worth the purchase and I abandon it.

You might think that having Amazon Prime would help with this situation, but my understanding of the basket is that it wouldn’t, as these items are coming from 3rd party retailers.

So annoyingly, most of Amazon potential purchases in my case end up abandoned due to this reason.

Even more annoyingly, Amazon only makes it really clear how much delivery will cost at the very last stage of the ordering process, wasting my time even more.

Dark pattern, crappy design and ultimately flawed business design when so many potential orders are wasted due to this reason.

What is your experience with shopping on Amazon?

One thought on “The most annoying aspect of Amazon

  1. I have had that orobiem many times- abd I’ve abandoned my basket then too. The other issue I frequently experience with Amazon is that they do a simile thing with delivery times. They often make no mention on it off the bat and you only get the info once you have checked out. Or, worse, much worse, you are toke one delivery time on the main site and ten once you have checked out they alter it. I’ve complained about this many times.

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