The problem with Apple Watch

Apple watches
Too many choices with apple watch cause choice paralysis with many customers, turning them away from making a purchase.

Here is something I practically observed in Apple Store today.

It was a mini presentation one of the staff members there had to make to one of the potential customers.

He had to run through the Apple Watch range and explain what the options were.

It took him about minute or so to describe the top level aspects of 3 Apple Watch ranges.

The main concern for the customer was the look of the watch and what configuration (size and strap) they should go for.

In the end they were unsure as to what the right option should be and they walked away.

Nobody spoke about why Apple Watch is the right thing for the customer to have and how it enhances quality of one’s life.

And there within lies the problem.

This is the main affordance issue with Apple Watch.

People see it, they like them all, they want many of them and they ultimately walk away, suffering from choice paradox.

I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs wouldn’t approve of Apple Watch in the format it is currently presented by Apple, due to the above reasons.

It is one of the reasons why I am not opting for Apple Watch just yet.

2 thoughts on “The problem with Apple Watch

    1. This is the first time in recent years Apple have gone down the route of this extreme customisation.

      All the Steve Jobs’ lines of products have had almost no customisation options and have been purely about the tech.

      This meant that Apple customers had a choice of white or black iPads or iPhones to pick from (for most part).

      Now they don’t even get the chance to look into the actual features of the Apple Watch, but keep discussing the look.

      The solution would be to actually understand how this product can be made in smaller number of looks and sizes and focus more on the usefulness of the product.

      I didn’t even really know they had 3 different core styles of the actual watch itself (male, female and sports, if I remember correctly).

      Then all the bracelets.

      Bracelets are essentially an accessory and should be seen as such, but this time round Apple are presenting them as the core part of the product.

      This is wrong in my opinion.

      Paradox of choice is something good designers actively work on avoiding, but here it has been ignored/overlooked.

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