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Twitter’s misuse of its own advertising system

Here’s an example of Twitter using its own advertising system to promote its own surveying efforts about … Magnum ice cream.

What is the point of this effort which is al about taking value (time and insights) from the users and nothing about giving value back?!

No wonder Twitter is in such a trouble as a company and as a platform.

There are so many wrong things in this piece of UX.

They are promoting an irrelevant survey to someone who has no interest in answering it.

It’s also unclear in the advert as to what the survey is about.

Twitter are putting their own brand behind all these efforts to gather insights for another brand (in this case it was about Magnum ice cream believe it or not).

It is unclear to us as to what the connection is between Twitter’s official survey carrying out this research and why it has reached our feed.

Was it mismatched targeting, by Twitter team themselves or some light touch evil intent behind it?

It could just be a straight out mistake, but either way it has an effect of creating a loss of trust in the Twitter brand.

It’s a huge affordance gap from user’s perspective.

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