Waitrose free coffee

Waitrose Cafe’s mixed emotional messages

Quite some time ago Waitrose introduced a concept of a free coffee per day for their customers.

Very nice and beautiful idea.

Initially the process of getting the coffee was open to anyone.

People could walk into a Waitrose, pick up a cup, serve themselves with a coffee and go.

Customers were expected to swipe their loyalty cards and claim their coffees on the till, but eventually many people just didn’t bother with the loyalty card process overhead.

After a few month Waitrose brought in a new system.

To get your coffee you now needed to first swipe your loyalty card, then get a cup from behind the counter and only then could you serve yourself a coffee.

In some branches they now have a whole person dedicated to the support of those people coming in to get their free coffee, as their till systems are quite complex to navigate through.

Sometimes machines are out of order and sometimes cups run out, so the whole process can get frustrating from that perspective.

It’s funny how humans who got used to a freebie get really annoyed when that freebie is taken away from them.

But the most frustrating aspect of Waitrose’s free coffee execution is that they serve a pretty burnt grain.

So, sometimes at Waitrose you can get a free coffee if everything else is right.

That free coffee at Waitrose will always have a burnt flavour to it.

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