Failed payment processing

When a payments processing company can’t process a payment

American Express are one of the most recognised brands in the world.

They are a payments processing company at the core.

One of the most paradoxical aspects of Amex is that it often … cannot process a payment.

We often pay Amex bills and it’s only natural to pay them on the day when they are due.

But so often we get the message of ‘Payment couldn’t be processed’.

This error on Amex system has the potential of causing us to not pay the bill on time, resulting in an extra charge, due to purely what is Amex’s fault.

Now, you might think that we have filled in our payment details wrong, or something has been done incorrectly.

No, we triple checked and tried this 3 times over and it still happens.

So how can a payments processing company have issues with …. payments processing?

And this issue has happened to us many times over ~2 years of owning an Amex card.

So it’s not like it’s a one off.

We’ve seen it 6-7 times over ~2 year period, causing us a lot of wasted time and emotional stress, as the last thing we want to do is to be incurring penalty fees because a system doesn’t work.

Furthermore, this kind of an error instils distrust into American Express brand.

Because it has been happening for years now and they don’t fix it, it just becomes more and more annoying and more worrying.

Amex, as a corporation, really ought to look into massively improving their online payments processes and its underlining experience.

After some investigation we have worked out that the payment was declined due to issues with our VISA card.

This makes the matters even worse.

Other similar companies would report back a more specific error message in this situation.

Typically something like this would be reported back: ‘Your card payment was declined for some reason. Please try another card.’.

A good system (example can be taken from Argos) would automatically offer an addition of another card to the system.

Furthermore, Amex only offers customers to save one set of card details on their system.

This makes payments very tedious to deal with if another card needs to be used, as it requires adding card details again.

All of this just isn’t not good enough!!!!

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