Badly concepted game

When design is wrong from the idea stage

Games got me into computers in the first place.

So they can be lovely tools for education, motivating people into programming and general inspiration, if you think of games such as MineCraft.

However, sometimes products can be wrong from the idea onwards.

Some products just shouldn’t be made.

Here’s an example of a game that made me feel bad straight away.

Forced execution in a game
The game forces players by design to shoot and kill innocent people on screen.

It came up in my Facebook homepage as an advert on the side feed.

It was bad enough seeing it there and I was already annoyed, but then actually giving the game a quick spin, I was even more shocked.

The game is about saving the hanging captives from the bad guys.

You have to save people by shooting the ropes from which they are hanging.

If you miss the rope, you kill the captive in a blood bath.

These kinds of games are available on the open web for children and adults to play.

Blood and killing in a game
Lots of blood and killing is created by design.

Some products are just a tasteless ideas, which, from the outset, ought to be stopped.

Having the wisdom and foresight not to even come up with those ideas, but to at least kill them off when one has them, is a wisdom of design.

Let’s just hope that this kind of terrible game will not ever be made again.

Let’s also hope that Facebook will not be willing to actively promote it around the web too.

The society doesn’t need more (casual gaming) gore and violence.

It needs more creative, productive and progressive ideas and great execution of those ideas.

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