When an entire industry is badly designed

Ever sat in traffic wondering how it came about and why it needs to exist in the first place?

Most of the cars on the picture are occupied by a single person, sitting inside, not moving anywhere.

Individual human eagerness to own their ‘stuff’ has been so strong that everyone thinking that way has caused nobody to go anywhere.

How ironic.

Heavy traffic
Heavy traffic, a daily occurrence in many cities around the world, thought of as ‘normal’ and something that not much can be done about.

The industry on the whole has played to this flaw in human psychology, playing the marketing card of giving more and more ‘luxury’ product at less and less cost.

But that’s not what majority ever wanted.

What people want is to get from A to B in the safest and quickest possible way.

Heavy traffic
Another look at the traffic that we tend to encounter every Saturday late afternoon.


This is the reason why someone would travel to another continent by plane instead of by train.

So it is no wonder that the car industry is subject to major disruptive trends including car sharing, autonomous vehicles and other similar initiatives.

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